directed by Jonathas de Andrade
art | dcp | 11’ | poster | 2024

Columbófilos is featured in the exhibition 'Sobrevoo,' resulting from an artistic residency by Jonathas de Andrade in Porto throughout 2023. His work focused on immersing himself in the world of associations, club culture, and traditional neighborhoods in the city. Experiencing the ongoing changes in social and urban fabric during this period, he was interested in understanding the life of resistance spaces that he perceived as the 'soul of the city.' Similar to his previous film works, Jonathas de Andrade started with a proposal to groups of people to stage fictional situations capable of resonating with their social and affective contexts.

In this work, Jonathas de Andrade engaged with members of the Associação Columbófila do Porto, reviving his interest in observing the relationship between humans and animals, and inter-species interactions. As an alternative to the common release from trucks, the pigeons were released by hand, intensifying the spirit of care and connection in this sport, not indifferent to contemporary ideas of nostalgia.

exhibitions, festivals and awards
Sobrevoo - Batalha Centro de Cinema (PT)
Curtas Vila do Conde IFF (PT)

cast antónio gomes, joaquim guimarães, joaquim oliveira, carlos esperança, francisco moreira, jorge brito, joaquim moreira, joão araújo, cândido regal, vasco pereira, abílio pereira, gabriel silva, joão silva, manuela duarte, inocêncio ferreira, débora lima, mário castro, leandro santos, eduardo gonçalves, antónio barbosa, josé santiago, antónio santos, ulisses terra, adriano alves, josé severino, manuel guimarães, bruno almeida, ângelo carvalho direction jonathas de andrade production & ad andré guiomar, luís costa cinematography & editing miguel da santa, tiago carvalho sound design maurício d’orey music joão pedro silva, rolando babo production assistant victor hugo santiago research assistant margarida assis production olhar de ulisses support associação columbófila do porto, cimbalino filmes financial support batalha centro de cinema